MECHALED, Flex-Arm 600mm, screw-on base, 10°/25° beam angle - 8.5W, 24V DC - LED2WORK


  • $209.00


Apart from its use in machinery and installations, the MECHALED is also suitable as a table luminaire for workbenches at test stations or for microscopy lighting. The MECHALED is available in two versions. In the spot version (10° beam angle / spot illumination) it is ideal for lighting at grinders, drills or the most confined tool spaces. In the flood version (25° beam angle / scattered illumination) it can be optimally incorporated in turning and milling machines as well as eroding machines or injection moulding machines.

Robust construction

  • Protection type IP64, protection class III
  • Crack-resistant toughened glass (safety glass / 3mm)
  • Robust, impact-proof and oil-resistant plastic
  • Aluminium base body, heat dissipation backwards, therefore no risk of burns for the user

Economic viability

  • Energy efficiency: brighter than a 50 watt halogen luminaire at around 80 percent of electricity saving
  • 60.000 operating hours (L70 / B10)
  • Switching circuits do not affect the life span
  • No maintenance periods

Optimal illumination

  • 6 high-performance LEDs
  • Daylight white (5.200K - 5.700K)
  • Ra 80
  • Two optics included (optics changeable): • 10° optics spotlight, approx. Ø 10cm light area at 50cm distance • 25° optics scattered light, approx. Ø 30cm light area at 50cm distance


  • 24V DC connection (machine voltage), M12 sensor connector
  • Available with magnetic foot or screw-on base
  • Floor plate or table clamp for fixing magnet version to non-magnetic surfaces
MECHALED LED Workplace luminaire
Art.No. Description Dimensions Optics Emax Lumen Power Connection Datasheet
120212-03  MECHALED screw-on base A = 600mm Flex-Arm 10° >20800lx >750lm 8.5W 24V DC Datasheet
25° >9000lx >750lm 8.5W 24V DC