TUBELED 70 - Machine Mount Light (Available in Multiple Sizes) - LED2WORK


  • $215.00


Incorporating this tube luminary TUBELED_70 in machines and installations with harsh production environments makes sense. Oil, water, heat or shavings in no way affect the TUBELED_70. With its oil-resistant seals and the jump safe tempered glass, the light is durable enough for this requirements. That is why the TUBELED_70 is often used in CNC-controlled micro-precision milling machines, punching presses or eroding machines. Special aluminium bodies were used in the construction of the TUBELED_70, so that the LED luminary functions properly in ambient temperatures of up to 55 degrees.

Robust construction

  • Protection type IP67 and IP69K, protection class III (24V) / protection class I (230V)
  • Crack-resistant toughened safety glass
  • Oil-resistant
  • Aluminium base body, heat dissipation backwards, therefore no baking-in of coolants
  • No impairment of operating life at up to 50° (230V) / 55° C (24V)

Economic viability

  • Particularly energy-efficient
  • 60.000 operating hours (L70 / B10)
  • Switching circuits do not affect the life span
  • No maintenance periods

Optimal illumination

  • Daylight white (5.200K – 5.700K)
  • Ra 85
  • 60° variant for concentrated light or 100° variant for planar light
  • Flicker-free light without UV and IR components


  • Simple retrofitting of machinery
  • Electrical connection via M12 sensor panel connector
  • 24V DC connection (machine voltage) or 230V AC connection
  • Mounting via V2A angle or pipe clamps with 70mm diameter
  • Vibration resistant up to 40g


Description Dimensions Optics Emax Lumen Power Connection Datasheet
TUBELED_70, 5.200K – 5.700K, 24 DC
110310-01  TUBELED_70 A = 300mm 100° >500lx 1000lm 15W 24V DC Datasheet
110414-02  TUBELED_70 A = 560mm 60° >1700lx 2000lm 27W 24V DC Datasheet