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LEANLED - Clear Cover

The LEANLED is an LED luminary of protection type IP 54 for machinery and installations with limited space conditions without impact from shavings and coolants. With its compact dimensions of 22 x 28mm (height and width) it can be used in almost any machinery space. A plastic cover protects the LEDs against dust and splash water. With SMD LEDs of the latest generation (100 lumen per watt), it offers even and glare-free illumination. 

Robust construction

  • Protection type IP54, protection class III
  • Heat dissipation backwards via aluminium casing, therefore no risk of burns

Economic viability

  • High energy efficiency
  • 60.000 operating hours (L70 / B10)
  • Switching circuits do not affect the life span
  • No maintenance periods

Optimal illumination

  • SMD LEDs (100 lumen/watt)
  • Daylight white (5.200K – 5.700K)
  • Ra 85
  • 120° beam angle (wide beam)
  • Clear cover in plastic (PC) 
  • break-proof and shatterproof
  • Even, flicker-free lighting


  • 24V DC connection (machine voltage), M12 sensor connector
  • Available lengths: 260mm  / 520mm / 1020mm / 1520mm
LEANLED LED Machinery luminary
Art.No. Description Dimensions Optics Emax Lumen Power Connection Datasheet
110814-01  LEANLED, clear cover A = 260mm 120° >250lx >800lm 7W 24V DC Datasheet
110814-02  LEANLED, clear cover A = 520mm 120° >450lx >1500lm 13W 24V DC Datasheet
110814-05  LEANLED, clear cover A = 1020mm 120° >850lx >3000lm 26W 24V DC Datasheet
110814-06  LEANLED, clear cover A = 1520mm 120° >1150lx >4500lm 39W 24V DC Datasheet