STATUSLED, 280mm, 120° - 14W + 8W, 24V DC - LED2WORK


  • $312.00


Lighting and signaling with one single luminary The STATUSLED, a further development of our FIELDLED II with the proception type IPX9K, performs two functions: Illumination: efficient daylight white SMD LEDs create a homogeneous and glare-free illumination of large areas. Signaling: through different colors, an additionally installed RGB illuminate signals the worker the different states of the machine/unit. The luminary receives the signal via a PLC control. Both inputs are powered by 24V DC. 

Robust construction

  • Protection type IPX9K, protection class III
  • Oil-resistant
  • Optimally protected against impact from shavings with frosted tempered glass cover (5mm)
  • Heat dissipation backwards via the aluminium base body: coolants and emulsions are not baked in. No risk of burns for users.

Economic viability

  • Particularly energy-efficient
  • 60.000 operating hours (L70/B10)
  • Switching circuits do not affect the life span
  • No maintenance periods

Optimal illumination

  • Daylight white (5.200K – 5.700K) / RGB LEDs
  • Ra 85
  • Flicker-free light without UV and IR components
  • 120 degree beam angle (wide beam)
  • Light emission over entire luminary width
  • Homogeneous and glare-free illumination intensified by a matte glass cover


  • Simple retrofitting of machinery
  • 24V DC connection (machine voltage) and M12 sensor connector
  • Available in four lengths: 280mm (14W + 8W) 540mm (24W + 16W) 790mm (38W + 24W) 1040mm (48W + 32W)
Art.No. Description Dimensions Optics Emax Lumen Power Connection Datasheet
113090-11  STATUSLED A = 280mm 120° >520lx >1160lm 14W+8W 24V DC Datasheet