150mm LED WORK LIGHT (IP67/IP69K), CLEAR, 24V - Qlight

150mm LED WORK LIGHT (IP67/IP69K), CLEAR, 24V - Qlight


  • $154.00


Water, vibration and oil resistant LED work light, suitable for machine tools applications and high temperature water cleaning environments

  • Excellent oil resistance with a special sealing structure with IP67 protection rating, suitable for machine tool applications with cutting fluids
  • Suitable for high pressure and high temperature water cleaning environments(IP69K)
  • Tempered glass prevents damage from machine tool chips
  • Foreign substances do not accumulate on the shielding glass surface of the working light due to its flush structure to the housing structure oft he product
  • An external power supply is not needed for the AC type product; AC voltage can be applied directly to the product
  • Can select from a variety of bracket options from direct mount, tilt mount, and pan/ tilt mount type to fit your work environment or lighting condition needs
  • High intensity illumination and condenser lens combination
  • High intensity illumination allows for the environment both long distance and straightness are required
  • Suitable for environments that require stable intensity illumination for improved visibility
  • Standard entry cable included. Can customize the product with the M12 connector if requested
  • Customized oil resistant cable attached type available